Swallow Me, NOW!

AuthorMelissa Gijsbers

A book set in my home state

Category – A book set in your home state – this book is set in Victoria and that is my home state.

Synopsis (what is it about?) – Samantha (aka: Sam) is starting a new school after coming to Victoria, Australia, from Nepal and is having trouble fitting in and starts getting bullied by the most popular girl in the class.

What did I think? – I thought it is a very good book and is a lot more realistic than other books I have read about bullying as other books make the bully and the victim becoming friends. I have been bullied and you would just want them to stop.

I also enjoyed the story, and glad Felicity wasn’t in my class at school!

I should also add that my Mum wrote this book.

Who else would like it? – People who go to school would like it. I especially recommend it to people who are starting a new school or are being bullied.

Buy Your Copy – details on Melissa Gijsbers website here.


Challenge – Bookmarks


My mum has set me some challenge posts so I can write about some other things to do with books as well as just reviews. This is my first challenge post: Five things you can use as a bookmark!

  1. Piece of paper

If you want to do this it is best used to rip a section off. It also means you can use more for other books.

  1. An actual bookmark

This is the obvious choice because, what is better to use as a bookmark than a bookmark?

The bookmark in the photo is from Swallow Me, NOW!my mum’s book.

  1. A card

The gift card you got with the book is perfect to use.

  1. A ribbon

This one isn’t as common but the ribbons you can get around presents can be used as bookmarks.

  1. A receipt

If you buy a book from a shop this is perfect, especially if you don’t get a bookmark with it.


The Luna Laboratorium

AuthorN.J. Gemmell

A Book set in Europe

Category – a book set in Europe – a section of the start of the book is set in England which is in Europe

Synopsis (what is it about?) – This book continues the story from the previous two books in the series. In this adventure, Basti, Kick, Scruff, Bertie, Pin and Banjo find a mystery piece to their family puzzle. To their surprise, Kick, Bert, Scruff and Pin have discovered their mother may be still alive and they go and search for her.

What did I think? –I thought that this was an awesome book. It has lots of unexpected twists and is very interesting.

Just like the how to train your dragon books I recommend that you read them in order. They are not in a proper series but you should read them in this order: the Kensington Reptilarium, then the Icicle Illuminarium, then this book.

Who else would like it? – I think this book is good for people around my age though other people at other ages might like it too. It has got a lot of variety to it, so it should appeal to a wide audience.


How to Betray a Dragon’s Hero

AuthorCressida Cowell

A Book translated to English

Category – translated to English –all the books in this series say that it is a true story and that it was translated from Norse because the characters are Vikings.

Synopsis (what is it about?)

This book continues the adventures of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Second. In this book, he must become the king of the Wilderwest and dodge the witches Vampire Spydragons and steal the king’s things back from Alvin before the Doomsday of Yule.

This is book 11 in the How to Train Your Dragon series.

What did I think?

I thought it was a good book. The characters were very interesting and they went on some cool adventures. It was nice to go back and revisit the characters from the previous books – it has been a while since I read them.

Even though they say you can read the books out of order, I recommend starting with book one and reading them in order so you can understand the whole story line properly.

Who else would like it?

If you like the Dragon’s Riders of Berk and Dragon’s Defenders of Berk TV series, as well as the How to Train Your Dragon movies, you would enjoy this book even though it is very different to the TV series and movie.

Buy Now from Amazon.com – How to Train Your Dragon: How to Betray a Dragon’s Hero


Welcome to my reading blog

Hello. My name is Zac and welcome to my reading blog.

I like to read books and I always have. I read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone all by myself when I was 7!

My mum started doing the 2016 Popsugar Reading Challenge and I wanted to join her and share the books I’m reading, so we set up this blog.

I will be sharing reviews of the books I’ve read and other cool bookish stuff when I think about it.

I’d better go. I’ve read two books already this year and I need to write some reviews! I look forward to sharing them with you.