The Luna Laboratorium

AuthorN.J. Gemmell

A Book set in Europe

Category – a book set in Europe – a section of the start of the book is set in England which is in Europe

Synopsis (what is it about?) – This book continues the story from the previous two books in the series. In this adventure, Basti, Kick, Scruff, Bertie, Pin and Banjo find a mystery piece to their family puzzle. To their surprise, Kick, Bert, Scruff and Pin have discovered their mother may be still alive and they go and search for her.

What did I think? –I thought that this was an awesome book. It has lots of unexpected twists and is very interesting.

Just like the how to train your dragon books I recommend that you read them in order. They are not in a proper series but you should read them in this order: the Kensington Reptilarium, then the Icicle Illuminarium, then this book.

Who else would like it? – I think this book is good for people around my age though other people at other ages might like it too. It has got a lot of variety to it, so it should appeal to a wide audience.


3 thoughts on “The Luna Laboratorium

    • Zac says: Thank you for your comment. School will just mean I won’t have quite as much time for reading (I read both these books last week). I think you would enjoy the book, but I recommend starting with The Kensington Reptilarium as it’s the first in the series.


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