The Bad Guys Episode 2 – Mission Unpluckable

AuthorAaron Blabey

A book under 150 Pages

Category – a book under 150 pages – this book is 140 pages long which is under 150 pages.

Synopsis (what is it about?) – 10,000 chickens are trapped in a high-tech cage farm! Who could possibly save them? Well, how about a wolf, a shark, a piranha and a snake… Who’s also known as “the chicken swallower”? What could possibly go wrong?

What did I think? – it was a great book. It was WAY funnier than the first book and I look forward to episode 3 of The Bad Guys.

Who else would like it? – I think this would be a good book for people who don’t like reading a lot as it was quick to read and had a great story. I also think that kids in grades 5 & 6 would really like it.

You would especially like it if you liked the first one.


Weir Do

AuthorAhn Do

Book by a comedian

Category – a book written by a comedian – this book as written by Anh Do who is a very funny comedian

Synopsis (what is it about?) – Weir is starting at a new school but he has unforgettable name and an incredibly weird family. Fitting in won’t be easy but it will definitely be hilarious!

What did I think? – I thought it was extremely hilarious! It is a very quick read and it is very enjoyable for anyone

Who else would like it? – I think that kids in upper primary school and in year 7 would enjoy this book as well as people who like comedy and books that aren’t very serious.


How to fight a dragon’s fury

AuthorCressida Cowell

Book with a Blue Cover

Category – a book with a blue cover – I put it in this category because it has a blue cover

Synopsis (what is it about?) – This is the final book in the How to Train Your Dragon series. In this book, Hiccup is able to end the battle between dragon’s and men. Can he become King of the Wilderwest?

What did I think? – I thought this book was really good. My favourite bit was the battle between the humans and the dragons. It was a really exciting battle.

I’m a bit sad that this is the final because I have really enjoyed reading this series.

Who else would like it? – As with How to Betray a Dragon’s Hero, if you like the Dragon’s Riders of Berk and Dragon’s Defenders of Berk TV series, as well as the How to Train Your Dragon movies, you would enjoy this book even though it is very different to the TV series and movie.