Gummshoes – Mission #1: The Nobbled Numbskull


A book published in 2016

Category – A book published in 2016

Synopsis (what is it about?) – When Frankie and Olly discover someone is sabotaging the school soccer team, they need to investigate who is the saboteur.

What did I think? – This book was very interesting. The story line was very interesting and, as well as being a great story, it also has some helpful tips for dealing with bullies.

Who else would like it? – people who are late primary and early secondary school would like it. It is also a good book for people who might be being bullied.

Find out more on the Gummshoes website – www.gummshoes.com


Zac was sent a copy of this book by the author for review.


When We Were Very Young


A book of poetry

Category – A book of poetry

Synopsis (what is it about?) – a collection of nonsense poems including poems about Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh.

What did I think? – The poems were very enjoyable and each poem was different. It was good because there was always something different about each poem.

Who else would like it – Even though it is an old book, I think other people my age would like it. It is also a good book for parents to read with their kids. Even if you have never read the Winnie the Pooh books, you would still enjoy this book.


The Bad Guys Episode 2 – Mission Unpluckable

AuthorAaron Blabey

A book under 150 Pages

Category – a book under 150 pages – this book is 140 pages long which is under 150 pages.

Synopsis (what is it about?) – 10,000 chickens are trapped in a high-tech cage farm! Who could possibly save them? Well, how about a wolf, a shark, a piranha and a snake… Who’s also known as “the chicken swallower”? What could possibly go wrong?

What did I think? – it was a great book. It was WAY funnier than the first book and I look forward to episode 3 of The Bad Guys.

Who else would like it? – I think this would be a good book for people who don’t like reading a lot as it was quick to read and had a great story. I also think that kids in grades 5 & 6 would really like it.

You would especially like it if you liked the first one.


Challenge – Bookmarks


My mum has set me some challenge posts so I can write about some other things to do with books as well as just reviews. This is my first challenge post: Five things you can use as a bookmark!

  1. Piece of paper

If you want to do this it is best used to rip a section off. It also means you can use more for other books.

  1. An actual bookmark

This is the obvious choice because, what is better to use as a bookmark than a bookmark?

The bookmark in the photo is from Swallow Me, NOW!my mum’s book.

  1. A card

The gift card you got with the book is perfect to use.

  1. A ribbon

This one isn’t as common but the ribbons you can get around presents can be used as bookmarks.

  1. A receipt

If you buy a book from a shop this is perfect, especially if you don’t get a bookmark with it.