My Love For You Is The Sun

AuthorJulie Hedlund

Illustrator – Susan Eaddy

My Love For You Is The Sun

Category – Picture Books

Synopsis (what is it about?) – This book is a parent telling a child  how much she loves him

What did I think? – I though it was a beautiful book. The metaphors were very clever and the art was amazing!

Who else would like it? – Younger kids would like it. It is also a very good books for parents to read to kids, especially at bedtime.



Digby’s moon mission

AuthorRenee Price

IllustratorAnil Tortop

Digbys Moon Mission

Category – Picture books

Synopsis (what is it about?) – Follow Digby’s adventure to help the moon

What did I think? – it is a quick and enjoyable picture book. I especially liked how it ends because it is funny and unexpected. I also like how he got his friends involved, the food looks delicious!

Who else would like it? – younger people about 5 and under would like it read it them, as well as people learning to read

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When someone says “Time to Read”


Reading is cool!

School started back a little while ago and I don’t have as much time to read as I do in the holidays!

Yesterday, my teacher set us a task to write what we think of when someones says “It’s reading time.”

This was my response:

  • Yay!
  • Reading is fun
  • I like reading books, magazine’s – Double Helix, Historicool
  • I am running out of bookmarks, what else can I use as a bookmark?
  • So many books, so little time!

I love reading!


Welcome to my reading blog

Hello. My name is Zac and welcome to my reading blog.

I like to read books and I always have. I read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone all by myself when I was 7!

My mum started doing the 2016 Popsugar Reading Challenge and I wanted to join her and share the books I’m reading, so we set up this blog.

I will be sharing reviews of the books I’ve read and other cool bookish stuff when I think about it.

I’d better go. I’ve read two books already this year and I need to write some reviews! I look forward to sharing them with you.