Swallow Me, NOW!

AuthorMelissa Gijsbers

A book set in my home state

Category – A book set in your home state – this book is set in Victoria and that is my home state.

Synopsis (what is it about?) – Samantha (aka: Sam) is starting a new school after coming to Victoria, Australia, from Nepal and is having trouble fitting in and starts getting bullied by the most popular girl in the class.

What did I think? – I thought it is a very good book and is a lot more realistic than other books I have read about bullying as other books make the bully and the victim becoming friends. I have been bullied and you would just want them to stop.

I also enjoyed the story, and glad Felicity wasn’t in my class at school!

I should also add that my Mum wrote this book.

Who else would like it? – People who go to school would like it. I especially recommend it to people who are starting a new school or are being bullied.

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