Challenge – Bookmarks


My mum has set me some challenge posts so I can write about some other things to do with books as well as just reviews. This is my first challenge post: Five things you can use as a bookmark!

  1. Piece of paper

If you want to do this it is best used to rip a section off. It also means you can use more for other books.

  1. An actual bookmark

This is the obvious choice because, what is better to use as a bookmark than a bookmark?

The bookmark in the photo is from Swallow Me, NOW!my mum’s book.

  1. A card

The gift card you got with the book is perfect to use.

  1. A ribbon

This one isn’t as common but the ribbons you can get around presents can be used as bookmarks.

  1. A receipt

If you buy a book from a shop this is perfect, especially if you don’t get a bookmark with it.